This strong club system was devised & developed by Mr. Benito Garozzo  in the year 1978 to train
the Dutch Volmac group and was first used during the 1980 Olympiad in Valkenburg, the Netherlands.

After so many yeas and all respect, Minas modified this amazing system to a most modern one.

Basic Approach
Opening bid structure




Any 16+ HCP


1+cNo 5c Major; Canapé: maybe longer 11-15 HCP

1 /

5+c/; Canapé: maybe 6+c minor 11-15 HCP

1 NT

Balanced or semi-balanced; No 5c Major 13-15 HCP


6+c(or 5c AKQxx) No 5c side suit 11-15 HCP


Artificial; a) Weak 6+c Major (3)5-9 HCP; Not acceptable in 4th


b) Any 4c-4c-4c-1c 16+ HCP

2 /

5+c & 5+c other (3)5-9 HCP


5+c & 5+c minor (3)5-9 HCP


Natural 4th seat: 6+c/ 11-15 HCP

2 NT

Artificial; 6+c No side Major or Ace or King; Transfer preemptive


If 6c maybe one side Ace or King; Denies 4c Major


Not acceptable 4th seat

3 //

Artificial; 7+c//No side Ace or King; Transfer preemptive


Denies 4c Major; Natural 4th seat: 7+c// 11-15 HCP


Artificial; Gambling 7+c solid minor; No side Ace or King or 4c Major


Natural 4th seat: 7+c 11-15 HCP

3 NT

Artificial; 5+c & 5+cPreemptive


4th seat is Gambling 7+c solid minor with Ace or King & No 4c Major

4 ///

Preemptive 8+c / //

  * HCP Parentheses declares non-vulnerable situation

* Fewer HCP possible if extreme shape or 3rd seat